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CV. Goldcorna Global Indonesia

CV. Goldcorna Global Indonesia is a company engaged in the export of palm and coconut derivative products. The company focuses on exporting products such as palm kernel expeller, palm fiber, palm bunch ash, molasses, copra meal, coco peat, and coco fiber. These products are specifically catered to meet the needs of livestock and agriculture.

As an exporter, CV. Goldcorna Global Indonesia has an extensive and experienced network for delivering its products to international markets. The company is committed to maintaining high product quality and meeting international standards at every stage of production and shipment. Thus, CV. Goldcorna Global Indonesia becomes a reliable partner for customers in fulfilling their livestock and agricultural needs.

With its experience and strong commitment, CV. Goldcorna Global Indonesia continues to innovate in product development and improve its services to customers. The company aims to be a leader in the export of palm and coconut derivative products and a reliable partner in meeting global livestock and agricultural needs.

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High-Quality Products

CV. Goldcorna Global Indonesia is committed to maintaining high product quality throughout the production process. The company ensures that its products meet international standards, ensuring customer satisfaction and reliability. This emphasis on quality enables CV. Goldcorna Global Indonesia to build a strong reputation in the industry.


Extensive Export Network

With its experienced export network, CV. Goldcorna Global Indonesia has established connections and relationships with international markets. This enables the company to efficiently deliver its products to customers worldwide, ensuring timely and reliable shipments.


Continuous Innovation

CV. Goldcorna Global Indonesia strives for continuous innovation in product development. By staying updated with market trends and customer demands, the company can introduce new and improved products that meet the evolving needs of the livestock and agricultural sectors. This dedication to innovation allows CV. Goldcorna Global Indonesia to stay competitive in the industry.


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I have been consistently impressed with the high-quality palm fiber and coco fiber products I receive from CV. Goldcorna Global Indonesia. The fibers are durable and have greatly improved the performance of my livestock bedding. Highly recommended!
John Doe
John DoeFarmers
I recently purchased palm bunch ash from CV. Goldcorna Global Indonesia, and I am extremely satisfied with the product. It has proven to be an effective soil amendment, enriching the nutrient content and improving the overall health of my crops. Will definitely reorder!
I have been using CV. Goldcorna Global Indonesia’s palm kernel expeller for my animal feed formulation, and the results have been outstanding. The expeller is of top-notch quality, providing excellent nutritional value to my livestock. Their customer service is also remarkable, always ready to assist and provide timely solutions.
Zhang Wei
Zhang WeiFarmers

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